Hocking Hills, Ohio

Old Man's Cave Upper Fall
The Hocking Hills is very popular with tourists, and collectively is known as the Hocking Hills Region. It features many private inns, campgrounds, cabins, restaurants, and other related businesses, including a recently developed zip-line. Within the park are several spectacular features based around rock formations, such as:

Conkle’s Hollow Conkle's HollowCedar Falls Cedar FallsAsh Cave Ash CaveOld Man’s Cave
Old Man's Cave
Let’s talk a little bit about history of this area.Conkle's HollowMore than 330 million years ago, the Hocking Hills State Park area was relatively level and was covered by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
Cedar FallsFor millions of years, the oceans currents deposited immense amounts of sand and gravel. After millions of years, the ocean receded, and the sandy layers bonded with silica to form the Black Hand Sandstone that underlies the area.
Ash CaveIt formed like a sandwich, with a hard top and bottom and a soft middle layer. When the Appalachian Mountains arose, form and feature were cast upon the area and created this beautiful landscape that you can see in the Hocking Hills State Park.
Old Man's Cave Upper FallAs always you can found more photos from Hocking Hills Park here

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